How to Maintain Your Coupon Stockpile (Without Going Overboard)

How to Maintain Your Coupon Stockpile (Without Going Overboard)

Do you use coupons? If so, do you have a stockpile? Having a stockpile is a fantastic way to save yourself money but it can also create clutter and unnecessary expenses for your family. If you’re not careful, you will very likely find yourself overrun with food, household and beauty items that will expire long before you can use them. When that happens, you not only waste food, but you’re wasting money as well.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep things from becoming too much but will still allow you to have a working stockpile in place for your family. Let me show you how to maintain your coupon stockpile without going overboard so that you have less waste, less stress and of course, less money spent.


Know when to use your coupons – Using a coupon simply for the sake of using your coupon is a great way to create wasted money and wasted product. Instead, only use coupons for products that your family truly needs and will use. There will always be another coupon and there will almost certainly be a deal wo go with it so while you might feel like you’re missing out, you won’t be.

Take inventory before you shop – Never go to the store without first taking inventory of what you already have in stock. Doing so is a fantastic way to end up with fifty more of something than you need or wanted. Make a spreadsheet of what you have, how many you have and of course, how many you want to keep in stock. Update it before you go to the store and you’ll never buy more of an item than you want to have. Be sure you don’t forget the fridge and freezers too.

First in, first out – Along with keeping your inventory updated, keeping it rotated properly is important too. Doing so will ensure that your foods get eaten before they expire. To make it easier on yourself, always stock your new purchases toward the back of the shelf. This makes it so that you have a first in, first out system happening with very little work.


Know your dates – Along with rotating your stock correctly, make sure that you mark the date when you buy it. Month and year are fine. Doing so will take you one step closer to keeping your products from expiring. Before you put them away, date them and stick to the first in first out rule.

Like with like – When you’re putting things away, after you have dated them, make sure you’re keeping like items with like items. This will keep you from thinking you have less of an item than you do. It also makes things much easier to find when you need to.

Stay Organized – Finally, the biggest thing about maintaining your stockpile is to keep it organized. You can put all of the steps above in place but if you don’t keep up on them? They won’t do you any good. You’ll still have waste and you’ll still be spending more money than you need. Make sure that you stay organized and on top of things so that your stockpile works the best it can for you.

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