Quick and Easy Craft: Black Bear K-Cup

Quick and Easy Craft: Black Bear K-Cup
Looking for something fun to do with the kids?  This K-Cup Black Bear craft is the perfect way to keep them busy and at the same time find a use for those spare K-Cups.

They are easy to make and adorable.  Have fun!

Black Bear K-Cup Materials
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Craft
  • Clean, used k-cups
  • black spray paint
  • black felt
  • light brown craft foam
  • large black Sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • googly eyes
  • pencil or pen
  • glue stick
  1. #1. Spray the k-cup in a safe area and let dry. If needed, spray again with a second coat to get spots you may have missed the first time and let dry.
  2. #2. Use the top of the k-cup to trace a circle on the black felt for the bear's head and cut out using the scissors.
  3. #3. Cut 2 small circles from the black felt for the bear's ears and attach with the glue stick.
  4. #4. Cut a small circle out of the light brown craft foam and attach to the middle of the larger black felt circle for the snout.
  5. #5. Draw a nose and mouth on the light brown foam using the black Sharpie and then give the bear 2 googly eyes (see photo).
  6. #6. Attach the bears head to the k-cup body using the glue stick.
  7. #7. Cut out 2 small paws from the black felt and attach to the sides using the glue stick.

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