25 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

IMG_0999Lemon is easily one of the most popular of all the essential oils. It is inexpensive but at the same time, is such a powerhouse as far as its benefits.

When you think of lemon oil, think cleansing. That is easily its top benefit and if you make sure that you purchase only a pure version of the oil, one without any fillers or chemicals added, you can use it an in an internal cleanser as well as for anything household. The oil is extracted by steam distillation from the actual lemon peel, so the aroma is fantastic.

One thing to note on the use of any citrus oil is that it will literally break down the toxins in whatever you put it into. So never put it in a plastic container that is not at least a #2 or #3. You will see the chemicals loosen and turn your oil or any liquid to a nasty substance. Always use glass or stainless steel to be safe.

So here is a list of 25 different uses for your lemon oil, which range from household to self-care.

1. Freshen your Fridge by applying 2 to 3 drops of lemon oil into a glass or stainless steel jar of water and let it sit in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

2. Add to your favorite scrubs or bath salts to liven them up and to help give you a boost. Depending on the size of your jar, it will range from probably 6 drops to about 12 needed.


3. Remove sticky residue such as gum, labels or stickers, and grease stains by applying the oil right on to the stain and letting sit for a few minutes, then wipe clean. If needed, add another drop or two and repeat. (Works as a great replacement for “goo-gone”.)

4. Clean tools, even greasy ones, by applying 2 to 3 drops to a rag and wiping them down. Repeat if necessary.

5. Keep your Dutch oven fresh by placing 3 drops on a paper towel and leaving in the oven until your next use.

6. Combine 2 to 3 drops lemon with 3 drops melaleuca (tea tree) oil and use to clean car battery.

7. Put 1 to 2 drops in your favorite tea, either hot or cold or to your iced water for a gentle cleanse and a refreshing taste.

8. Use to treat hangover by smelling a few drops of lemon after rubbing into the palms of your hands, and add to your morning water as well.


9. Purify the air by using in a diffuser or applying a few drops to your air vents in your car or home. (Placing them on a cotton ball and sticking in the car vent works well, and placing on the air conditioner filter for the house works great.)

10. Clean your microwave by adding about 4 drops to a glass cup of water and microwave for about 90 seconds. Then wipe down afterward. Repeat if needed.

11. Remove the odor from an upcycled jar by rubbing 2 drops of lemon on to the bottom of the lid and around the rim. Let sit until you need the jar, or wipe down after a few minutes if using right away.

12. Use as a massage, along with your favorite natural lotion, on cellulite areas to help break that down and tighten.

13. Freshen fruits and veggies by adding 2 drops to a sink of cold water and add in the fruit to wash.

14. Diffuse or inhale from palms of the hands to elevate and lighten the mood. Perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

15. Use for a sore throat by adding to a cup of hot tea or warm water, along with a few drops of honey, or add a drop of lemon to a drop of honey and eat all by itself to soothe.

16. Clean stainless steel by adding a few drops directly to the surface, or to a cloth and wiping down.

17. Freshen laundry that has gotten left in the washer or dryer by adding a few drops to a dryer ball or cloth when re-running it.

18. Detox your body gently by drinking a few drops of lemon in water a few times a day.

19. Clean kitchen counters by adding a few drops to a rag or paper towel, or by adding to a glass spray bottle of purifies water and spritzing over counters and wiping clean.

20. Add 2 drops lemon to the inside of the toilet paper roll and give the bathroom a fresh and clean scent.

21. Relieve sinus issues by adding 3 to 4 drops to a mug of warm water, then sit over it and inhale deeply for several minutes.

22. When upcycling jars or containers, remove the labels by adding a few drops of lemon and letting it sit for several minutes. It will loosen the glue and allow it to come off easily. You can also add it directly to the residue left by a label that is stubborn.

23. Polish chrome by combining few drops of lemon and melaleuca and wiping down with a cloth.

24. Feed your body some great antioxidants by adding a few drops of lemon to your daily routine, such as in your water you drink, or tea, or add to homemade salad dressings or foods.

25. Add your digestive track by taking a few drops of lemon in daily water intake. It keeps things moving as they should be and tastes great!

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