How To Save Money On School Supplies And Back – TO – School Shopping

How To Save Money On School Supplies And Back – TO – School ShoppingSummer vacation is over hallway over, and that means that if you have children, you have received the dreaded “Supply List” every kid gets in the mail. For some reason your kids are always thrilled to go school supply shopping, even though we all know that a week in to school you won’t be able to pay them to actually do their homework and use the supplies that you purchased for them.

It seems like every year the school supply lists get longer and longer, and your pockets get smaller and smaller. There is no shame in trying save a few bucks on school supply shopping. For some reason mom’s get a guilty conscious and feel like they are cheating their kids out of an education if they don’t go all out on school supply shopping. No, your kid will come close to flunking Algebra, regardless of whether or not they had Gel Pens, magical erasers, or bejeweled folders.

We put together a list of tips and tricks that will help any mom, regardless of how old their kids are and what supplies they need, save a few bucks this Fall. Check them out, and if you have any tips of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below!

Search Your House

Before you go shopping, do a little shopping at home. If you have children in elementary school, the teachers may ask that each student bring a box of tissues or a sleeve of plastic cups or something odd along those lines to use in the classroom throughout the year. Those are things you may already have at home. Also, check to see if your kids brought him any school supplies at the end of last year that they never used. You can cross them off the list too! Check the random drawers in your kitchen full of junk for any unused notebooks, or extra pens and pencils.

Price Match

Find a store in your area that price matches, and grab the weekly circulars full of back – to – school sales. Don’t drive all over town to different stores because one store has spiral notebooks for three cents cheaper. Head to customer service and take advantage of their price matching, it may not make a huge difference, but hey every penny counts and you will be able to sleep like a baby just knowing that you spent the least amount possible.

Summer Birthdays

If your child has a summer birthday, then you are seriously in luck. All of those relatives that send you a million texts asking what your child that they never see wants for their birthday – tell them school supplies! Obviously they don’t want to show up with a box of number two pencils. But, those expensive pencils, binders, and fancy crayons that your kids think they need, put those on their Birthday Wish List. Backpacks are expensive too, tell your pesky relatives your child’s favorite character or color and let them get a backpack for their birthday!

Leave Your Kids At Home

No, really. School supply shopping without your kids will save you a ton of money. It seems like they manage to find the most expensive version of every item on their Supply List and then make you feel like a horrible parent if you don’t buy it and encourage their education, in the most stylish way of course. Try to bang out some of the back-to-school shopping when you don’t have your kids with you. Then, just explain to them that you “happened to notice” a huge sale while you were out, and you couldn’t pass up the opportunity. If they don’t see the school supplies covered in glitter and cartoon characters, then they don’t know what they are missing out on.

Community Organizations

If you know there is absolutely no way that you can swing school supply shopping this year, then check with some local charity organizations in your area. All of those donation bins at the store full of school supplies for the needy have to go somewhere! Also, some cities have “Back To School” events at local parks where they even give away backpacks full of supplies to a number of kids, keep your eye out. If all else fails, contact your child’s school and let them know what your situation is, someone will help you out or at least point you in the direction of a group that can help you out.

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