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5 Practical Ways To Reuse And Recycle Plastic Bags

5 Practical Ways To Reuse And Recycle Plastic BagsWe are all about reusing and recycling. After all, we want Mother Earth to be around for our grandchildren’s grandchildren, and so on. In case you weren’t aware, the plastic that you are using today will probably be around for generations to come too, because it doesn’t break down naturally. Plastic bags from the supermarket seem to be in surplus – most households have bags full of bags crammed in closets, cupboards, and other Nooks and crannies.

We all hang on to our plastic bags, just because we feel guilty about throwing them away, or sending them to the landfill where they will sit for years and years. If you were scouring the internet in search of ways to reuse and recycle plastic bags, then you are in luck! We put together a list of practical ways to reuse all of those pesky bags.

Take Them Back To The Store!

No, really. Doesn’t it make sense to take them back to the store and have the cashier reuse them? They may roll their eyes or get irritated when you ask them to put your groceries in your used bags – but that’s one less trip you will have to make back home with more bags. Also, a lot of supermarkets now have containers at the front of the store where you can place your used plastic bags, and rather than going to the landfill, they are broken down and used to make new bags.

Donate Them

If you have any local stores, like a thrift shop or a farmer’s market, then they may gladly take those used bags off your hands. Locally owned stores are usually on pretty strict budgets, they will probably be thrilled to get some plastic bags for free rather than having to order some.

Trash Bags

It’s a little absurd to think that we actually run to the store and buy tiny plastic garbage bags to put in our bathroom wastebasket, when we actually have closets full of them from the grocery store. You will be pleased to realize that the plastic bags from the supermarket are the perfect size for those tiny wastebaskets!

Doggy Bags

If you live in the city, or don’t but still clean up after your dog, it’s a little silly to buy tiny plastic bags to picks up your dog’s waste if you have a ton of plastic bags from the store lying around. They work perfectly for cleaning up after your dog, and you can even tie them off super easily!


Shipping anything breakable or valuable? Package it yourself! Rather than going to the post office and paying an arm and a leg for them to stuff a box with bubble wrap and packaging peanuts, you can just wrap the items in plastic bags and cram some extra plastic bags in the box to ensure that your precious cargo won’t be rattling around.

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