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Summer Fashion Advice: Thrifty Tips For Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer Fashion Advice: Thrifty Tips For Your Summer WardrobeIf you are like a lot of other folks, you are probably asking yourself how long until summer arrives, right? The rainy days and chilly nights might make it hard for you to think about summer fashion. But, don’t pay attention to the weather; instead pay attention to the calendar, because summer is coming and it is coming fast. When it comes to your summer wardrobe, here are some thrifty tips for summer fashion.

Slim down your wardrobe list– Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. You can purchase just a few essentials and make 9 or 10 outfits with them. Summer essentials include one or two skirts, two tank tops, two or three shirts, three pairs of shorts, two pairs of capris and a couple dresses.

Don’t buy brand name– You don’t need to buy brand name for things like tank tops, t-shirts and shorts. After all, who is really going to see the tag? You are going to end up paying a lot more money for just the name itself.

Steer clear of factory outlets– You may think that shopping at the factory outlet stores are going to save you all kind of money off the retail price, right? Well, not exactly. First of all, the discount off the retail price is the suggested retail price, which factory outlets sometimes just make up. Second, the clothes that are at these factory outlets are normally clothes that didn’t sell last season because of things like an unpopular trend or an unflattering color.

Avoid flash sales– Many people go all crazy when they hear the words flash sale. Flash sales are nothing more than a gimmick to get people to make spur-of-the-moment purchasing decisions. I mean do you really need those bright pink stiletto heels? Or are you just buying them because they are a great deal?


  1. Michele says

    I am currently looking to purchase one or two pair of summer weight pants–can’t seem to find just what I want—as for perfume in the summer–with my allergies I just don’t use it if it has any kind of floral scent–I generally go with a light (usually white) musk.

  2. Melinda Babiak says

    Great tips. I especially love the no need to buy name brands one. I try to save every penny I can when clothes shopping and I following most if not all of your tips. Thanks for sharing.

  3. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    I buy what fits and what is comfortable year round, I don’t select by brand alone. In the summer I sometimes wear more outfits than bare minimums as I don’t like to feel sweaty.

  4. Jenn says

    I try to buy whatever I feel comfortable in which is usually Old Navy shorts and tops. I like to keep my wardrobe pretty simple so I can mix and match pieces for new looks.

  5. Neely Moldovan says

    These are great tips! I try to never buy designer for really trendy pieces.

  6. Stefan says

    Interesting what you say about factory outlets, perceive them as great deals but they definitely are out dated.

  7. Liz Mays says

    I tend to buy a few classic essentials that are well made and maybe a little pricier, but the trendy stuff can be inexpensive. It’s just going to be one season I wear it anyhow.

  8. Nicole Escat says

    These are awesome tips. I don’t buy brand names. Why would I when I can find almost the same stuff at a cheaper price.

  9. Toughcookiemommy says

    I totally agree with you that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on brand name tank tops and maxi dresses. It’s a great way to save money and get some awesome styles as well.

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