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Easy Crafts Kids Can Make Mom for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. There is nothing that moms love more than something homemade from their children. Here are some easy crafts kids can make mom for Mother’s Day.

Coffee Filter Flowers


2-4 coffee filters per flower
Spray bottle
Wax paper
Pipe Cleaner, 1 for each flower


Lay out a large piece of wax paper on a flat surface and place the coffee filters on top. This will be used to protect markers from soaking through onto the surface. Now, let the kids get creative and crafty with the markers. Then, spray 2-3 mists of water onto the flowers, making the colors bleed into each other. Then, set aside and allow to dry. Once dried, it is time to make the flowers. To do this, stack 2-4 coffee filters on top of each other, fold in half and then fold in half again. Turn them over and repeat the process again. Tie a pipe cleaner around the folded point and separate the folded pieces to create a flower.

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Handprint Apron


Craft apron, available at most craft stores
Acrylic paint
Black paint pen


There really aren’t any specific instructions for this craft. One idea though is to paint your child’s feet with the acrylic paint and have them step onto the apron. They can then write their name inside one of the footprints. You can also do the same concept, except using handprints instead. Then, use the black paint pen to write Happy Mother’s Day.

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Spring Flowers


4 empty toilet paper rolls
Green wooden skewer


Take 3 of the empty toilet paper rolls, fold each in two and staple together so it resembles a flower. On a green wooden skewer, fold the 4th empty toilet paper roll, making leaves on a stem. Now, just color the flowers and leaves!

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