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Beauty Hack: Natural Coconut Oil – Uses and Health Benefits

Beauty Hack: Natural Coconut Oil - Uses and Health BenefitsCoconut oil is one of the most buzzed about all natural beauty hacks on the internet right now.  If you spend any time on the internet, or reading magazines at the doctor office, then you have no doubt heard about all of the uses and health benefits of natural coconut oil.  And, the possibilities are endless!

I recently decided to jump on the coconut oil band wagon.  And, now I can’t imagine my life without it.  Although, shopping for coconut oil proved more difficult than I thought.  I went to the store and naturally headed down the vegetable oil and canola oil aisle.  After wandering aimlessly and unsuccessfully I swallowed my pride and asked one of the store employees for help.  They directed me to the vitamin aisle (in case you couldn’t tell I don’t spend a lot of time there).

There was the coconut oil – right next to the protein shakes that cost $10 for a 4 pack and the weird packages of seeds that are supposed to change your life, that I can’t pronounce.  I grabbed a random jar of coconut oil, completely perplexed because I thought it would be oil and not solid, and headed to the check-out lane.  I nearly choked on my gum when I saw it rang up to $13.

In the long run, I can confidently say that the $13 I spent on coconut oil probably wound up saving me a couple hundred dollars a year off my health and beauty products.  There are SO many things that you can use coconut oil for, and there are so many products I don’t buy any more because I have substituted coconut oil for them.


Coconut oil adds a mildly sweet flavor to anything you cook with, I use it for basically everything that I fry now instead of vegetable oil.  And, it also works as a great butter substitute as well.  I start almost every morning with a bagel or English muffin with coconut oil spread on it rather than butter.  The health benefits are endless, and I figure anything has to be better for you than butter!


I will never buy a bottle of lotion again.  Nothing compares to how soft my arms and legs feel after lubing up with some coconut oil.  Plus, it’s natural – you aren’t smearing chemicals you can’t pronounce all over your body.  And, the mild scent stays on your skin for quite a while.  I can’t tell you how many times people have commented on my perfume, and I wasn’t wearing any.


I battle dry and chapped lips all year long.  And, I’m constantly losing my chapstick or accidentally running it through the washing machine.  I am basically buying more every time I’m in a checkout lane.  No matter what brand I got, my lips were always dry and chapped.  I started using coconut oil on my lips – and thy finally started to feel like they were healing for the first time in a long time!  I even put some in a little container to carry in my purse for my lips when I am on the go.


I have tried dozen of different shaving gels and foams, but I have sensitive skin and am constantly getting red bumps on my legs from shaving.  Guaranteed, after you shave your legs with coconut oil, you’ll never want to go back to traditional shaving gel.  Side note: make sure you rinse your bath tub out when you are done, it gets SO slippery.

Dry Feet

If you are a victim of dry feet, coconut oil also works an amazing moisturizer.  And, despite its oily texture, it actually absorbs in to your dry skin rather quickly – so you don’t have to worry about walking around with greasy toes all day.  Plus, coconut oil is praised for its powerful anti-fungal properties, meaning that it can also clear up and even prevent some Athlete’s Feet conditions.

Acne, Facial Moisturizer

I have spent disgusting amounts of money on face creams and night moisturizers, not to mention face masks.  Coconut oil moisturizes your face just as well as some of the top shelf products at the drug store – and it’s natural and organic, so you’re not slathering your face in harsh chemicals.  Also, I have had pesky acne bumps on my chin for years, after experimenting with different medications, I just came to terms with the fact that they weren’t going any where.  But, the anti-fungal properties in the coconut oil has been clearing them up beautifully.  Coconut oil also makes for a great make-up remover too!


Nothing will make your hair softer, shinier, and healthier than a hand full of coconut oil.  I don’t even buy hair conditioner anymore.  I’ve found the best way to treat my hair with coconut oil is right before bed.  I work it in to my dry hair, and massage it in to my scalp right before I fall asleep.  In the morning I take a shower and rinse it out and then shampoo.  My hair hasn’t looked this amazing since before I discovered boxed hair dyes when I was in high-school!


  1. Onica (MommyFactor) says

    I’ve long used coconut oil for more then just cooking. It’s great for hair and skin care. Smells good also.

  2. Paula Schuck says

    Thanks so much for sharing this great resource on coconut oil! I’ve always heard it was incredibly beneficial for hair and skin.

  3. Jeanine says

    I love natural coconut oil! It’s one of the most versatile things I use and I use it a lot!

  4. Lady Lilith says

    Coconut oil is great. I use it for my hair when it is really dry.

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Coconut Oil is a fantastic product. I use it for so many things it is worth the cost. It makes great chocolate that is good for you.

  6. Theresa says

    Coconut oil is simply amazing! I love all the ways you can incorporate it into not only cooking, but your beauty routine as well!

  7. Rosey says

    What a great idea to use the coconut oil for shaving. I never thought to do that, but now I will!

  8. cierra says

    The oil may clog up your pipes so if you use it as a conditioner for your hair….. you may need Draino
    I would rinse the drain with hot water after rinsing my hair.

  9. Edith Siega Lee says

    Great article Amanda. Thank you for posting. I am from the Philippines and immigrated to the States in 1978. I was born during the war and as a little girl until many years ago, my family and I were using coconut oil to moisturize our hair and face. It can also be used to massage. I am going on 75 years old and my hair is still soft and of good quality. My skin is still looking well. The use of coconut oil through the years, until 1978 must have paid off. Your article brought back good memories of my family and Papa who owns a huge coconut plantation as our lifeline. I remember as a little girl, a ship owned by a rich Spanish businessman would pick up Papa’s ‘copra’ , processed coconut, for exportation. and yes, the Philippine coconut is the best in the world. And the company who processed the $13.00 coconut oil had a great perspective. It hit the market!

  10. Agen Capsa says

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