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Practical Money Saving Skills

Plant Growing In Savings Coins - Investment And Interest Concept

Saving money should be one of your major priorities. You should figure out now the money you will save for things like – retirement, a house, a car, college, or a nice vacation.

Keep Track: When spending money make sure to always keep track of the spending. You will come to realize what you are buying and may be able to do without it.

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Cash: Pay with cash. It can help you stick to a budget and help avoid buying things you do not need. Just figure out how much you want to use beforehand and put away the rest.

Bills: Lowering your bills is a major money saver. If you ask most creditors will give you a lower interest rate to pay.

Eating: Eating out can be fun but very expensive. Cook more meals at home, it will help you save more money in the long run. Make a food prep menu so you can figure out what to buy.

Groceries: Buying groceries may seem like you are paying an arm and a leg for food. Simply buy your groceries at a grocery store that has cheaper items.

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Gas: Gas is expensive, especially if you need to fill up every week. Figure out where you want to buy your gas. Find the lowest price you can find; it may not be a large save but it is less than what you were paying before.

Transportation: If you do not want to waste money on all the gas you will need to get to where you want to go, then try public transportation. It will save you even more money.

Clothing: Clothes are always on sale. Buy your clothes when they are at a lower cost. Also try second hand stores, they may carry the latest styles you like. Make sure to take care of your clothes when you are washing. It will cost you more money to wash it wrong and you will have to buy it again.

  1. Frugal Mommy Blogger says

    You’re right, clothing are always on sale!!! And like you, I only shop when there’s a sale… I do love branded clothing but don’t want to spend big bucks for them.

  2. Rose Cottrill says

    I keep track of every penny we spend because I don’t ever want to be negative in our balance so everything is always in writing.

  3. Ria C says

    You’re on the spot with your money-saving tips! My family and I are trying our best to scrimp as much as we can so we can spread the budget longer for real necessities. We even cut back on our travels just to save.

  4. Jessica Cassidy says

    These are very helpful tips Sis. I would try to open savings account and will automatically deduct from my pay check every two weeks. This way I will have extra money.

  5. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen says

    Thanks for sharing these practical saving tips. Sometimes I forget to keep track of the money we are spending.

  6. lencilicious (len reallady) says

    Saving takes a lot of discipline. If you got used to a luxurious life, the change will be a bit difficult. I agree, eating out is very expensive. One meal might cost your food for a week. That’s not good at all. Home cooking is really the best solution. Thanks for the tips here.

  7. Teresa Martinez says

    Saving money can be a real challenge but it can be done with resolve and determination.

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