Easter Crafts: Creative and Kid-Friendly Holiday Fun

Easter Activities and Crafts

Are you looking for ways to get crafty with your kids for Easter? Here are some creative and kid-friendly holiday craft ideas to help you do just that.

Eggs on A Line: This idea is the definition of easy and thrifty. Use paint sample cards in pastel colors, cut out egg shapes with both colors from the paint sample, then punch a hole at the top, and then lastly string each egg to hang in any room you please.

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Easter Snacks: This idea is so easy and perfect for any Easter gathering. Fill up a frosting piping bag with a few handfuls of crackers or any other snacks you want. Finish them by tying a spring green fabric ribbon to close it up. They are a great idea to feed the kids after an Easter egg hunt.

Furry – Tailed Easter Family: Paper rolls are always used for fun arts and craft ideas. Paint the paper rolls in any pastel paint colors and use a box of old buttons and ribbons to help make a decorative bunny. The best part is that you can use them to hold decorative, dyed, or hunted eggs.

Tea for Two: What do you do with all those plastic Easter egg halves? Why don’t you turn them into teacups? Take one half of a plastic egg and hot – glue a huge button on the bottom for a stand. Also try gluing a cardboard handle and bedazzle with any pretty or cool items.

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Coniferous Easter Eggs: Pine cones are naturally egg shaped so they are a perfect idea to hide during an Easter egg hunt to fool some hunters. You can find them in the woods and paint them yourself in any pretty pastel colors.

Happy Easter Ears: Here is an easy way to create Easter ears for your kids. Cut out a white rabbit mask and then glue on cotton balls to add “fur.” Then use red and white straws for whiskers. Your kids will love them and enjoy making them with you or friends.

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