Hosting a Gingerbread House Party

Making of christmas gingerbread house. Walls binding.

After decorating your house for the holidays, putting up that large tree, and getting prepared for that special day there is always one last thing that normally happens. Hosting that one time a year house party. Normally, a holiday party is as is, people coming over and enjoying each other’s company, eating and drinking, then being on their merry way. This year though, let’s switch it up and host a gingerbread house party and here are some tips to help you along the way.

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Supplies – First thing to think about when hosting any party is what supplies you will need. For this specific party, you will want to make sure you have enough supplies for everyone to make a small house and to decorate it. Some things to purchase for this party include boxes of graham crackers, peanuts, rock candy, gumdrops, peppermint swirls and so forth. You will also want to get plenty of knives and spatulas for spreading the icing.

Have extras – It is always a good idea to have extra supplies, especially in the case someone brings a friend or child that was not accounted for originally. You can never have enough candy, and can also serve as treats to snack on while making gingerbread houses. Also you will want to make sure you make extra icing. It is always good to have extra icing rather then not enough and have to make more while in the process of building gingerbread homes.

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The cleanup – Everyone always hates the end of a party clean up. All the dishes, trash, and who knows what else. There is though, when making gingerbread houses, and easier way to make sure your after party cleanup is minimal. Gingerbread houses are hard to build so it is best to put cardboard boxes or something else underneath to help with support.

Then at the end your guest can use plastic wrap to put around the house and whatever you used to support it so they can take them home or throw them away, which means either no clean up or you just take the trash out.

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