Sharper Image ‘Gift Right’ For the Holidays – Josh Duhamel Showcases “Boys Like Toys”

Sharper Image 'Gift Right' For the Holidays - Josh Duhamel Showcases "Boys Like Toys"

Sharper Image, best known for its innovative products unveiled its holiday marketing campaign starring actor Josh Duhamel. This year’s playfully dubbed campaign “Boys Like Toys” is targeted to customers looking for the hottest gifts and gadgets for everyone on their holiday list. Duhamel joins a list of past spokespeople including Heidi Klum, Betty White and Megan Fox.

This year’s ‘Gift Right’ campaign has a “Boys Like Toys’” theme showcasing the hottest gifts and gadgets for everyone’s gift list. The campaign features Duhamel playing with some of the most coveted items this season from Sharper Images’ own personal transporter – the SOGO, to the Camera Drone and the Sharper Image Disco Speaker.

Commenting on the campaign creative, Duhamel stated, “It was definitely the Sharper Image products that enticed me to do this shoot. There’s no question! I have such fond memories of the brand so whenever I get a chance to do something that I know is going to be fun. I do it. I rather have fun than work and this campaign is both.”

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