Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

If you and your loved one want to dress up together this Halloween, you may be stuck for ideas. You want something that is relevant and original yet not cheesy or hokey. Here are some great Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Christian Grey & Anastasia Steel from Fifty Shades of Grey

For Christian: white dress shirt, grey suit, grey tie and a feather toy hanging around your belt loops. For Anastasia: brown wig, sexy high heels, tight fitting dress, sequined mask and handcuffs.

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The Royal Couple

For Prince William: blue dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, dark blue jeans and brown loafers. For Kate: blue dress with short sleeves, white high heels and a baby doll. Also, ensure your hair and makeup are flawless.

Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games

For Katniss: dark brown wig (unless you have dark brown hair) with braided hair, black t-shirt, dark colored cargo pants, black windbreaker, toy bow and arrow. For Peeta: black t-shirt, green cargo pants and black Army boots.

Mario & Princess Peach

Mario: red shirt with long sleeves, overalls, red hat and white gloves. Princess Peach: pink dress, blonde wig, blue earrings, white gloves and princess crown.

Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

For Daenerys: whitish-blonde long wig with a small section braided in back, long flowing grey dress that is sleeveless and sandals that lace-up. For Khal: tan pants, black tube top around chest area, wide belt, toy sword and a great deal of black eye makeup.

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Hot Dog and Bun

For the hot dog: brown shirt, brown pants, brown shoes and brown hat. Use fabric paint in colors yellow and red to draw squiggly lines vertically on your body to resemble mustard and ketchup. For the hot dog bun: use a thin foam mattress topper and cut holes for your arms.

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