Facts You May Not Know about Halloween

Facts You May Not Know about Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time for children these days. We go buy costumes, put up scary decorations, maybe visit a haunted house or two. Then when night falls, we go out and demand our candy like we always have done since we could remember. Although this time of the year is more fun, there are a lot of things, including dark things, you probably do not know about Halloween. Here are a few things to sink your teeth into.

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The darker side

Just like some other celebrations we all do throughout the year, Halloween has some darker sides to this fun holiday. Irish immigrants had re-imported this holiday, where they introduced this custom in the 19th century. In that time, it stemmed from the idea the Halloween was a day that all law was suspended. People would dress up in costumes so they could be hidden from people in the community from knowing who they are, in which allowed them to play some very antisocial tricks.

Its originality

Halloween originally began as a Pagan festival in which they honor the dead. For the Celtics, their year ended at the end of October, and marking this time of the year when the herd were brought in from the pastures. To celebrate this holiday, they would have purifying bonfires lighting up each home. It is also said that the night before, the souls from the departed can visit us temporarily, and the ghost and demons were free to roam the earth for that night.

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Bobbing for apples

In Britain most of the Halloween traditions had dies out around the 16th century. Although that happened, some of their fun traditions have stuck around like bobbing for apples. It is where we try and catch apples that are floating in water with our mouth. It is said that when the apples peal is thrown over the left shoulder, it would reveal the initials of a true lover.

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