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Dos and Don’ts of Essential Oil

Dos and Don'ts of Essential Oil

Essential oils can be fantastic natural remedies from anything to health problems to outdoor bug repellent solutions. Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and clary sage are five liquids that do double duty by providing multiple benefits. To make sure you are maximizing the power of these natural wonders, make sure you know these dos and don’ts of essential oil.

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Keep your oils fresh. If you find that any of your oils have oxidized, dispose of them. Citrus oils, tea tree oils, and sage oils should all be used within one year.

Test any and all oils on a small patch of skin before applying topically. If you experience any signs of an allergic reaction – burning, itching, headache – stop use immediately.

Keep essential oils away from any kind of fire including candles and cigarettes. Some oils are extremely flammable.

Consider the environment you will be using the essential oils in. Children and pets can be allergic or extremely sensitive to certain oils. Those with asthma should also use caution.


Use oils for an extended period of time without the consent of a medical professional. Over time, you can become sensitive to the oils which can lead to inflammation.

Ingest oils, unless a licensed doctor or medical professional has prescribed them for oral ingestion.

Use oils on children or if you’re pregnant unless you get the OK from your family doctor.

Apply oils and then exposure your skin to direct sunlight. Some oils can increase the risk of sunburn.

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Essential oils can be beneficial for your health or simply perk up your mood. Some oils are great to add to a relaxing bath to help you unwind. Lavender or clary sage are great mixed with powdered milk in a bath for a muscle ache-relieving soak.

Note that some oils, like clary sage have estrogen-like compounds. Check with your doctor if you have or have had breast or ovarian cancer before using.

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