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5 Ways To Earn Last Minute Vacation Funds

5 Ways To Earn Last Minute Vacation Funds

As vacation season is fast approaching these 5 Ways To Earn Last Minute Vacation Funds are perfect to help you make ends meet. Not only do you want to pay for your vacation, you want a bit of extra money on hand just in case you need it. From the unexpected flat tire on the side of the road to the must have souvenir these funds will help you to take care of things with no stress.

5 Ways To Earn Last Minute Vacation Funds

Last minute yard sale. You are already going to be packing your clothes for the trip, why not make it a perfect time to clean out your closet? Sort through and purge clothing from everyones closets. You can enlist the kids to do the same with their toys. Other possible items you have stored away for selling at a later point can be pulled out in the process. Advertise in your local online classifies, Facebook groups and local newspaper. Arrange things on tables in an easy to sort manner and price at least 50% off original prices if not more.

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Take on a freelance gig through Fiverr. This site is a great place for people to earn money doing freelance work like graphic design, cartoons, photoshop editing, copy writing, ghostwriting and voice over work. Sign up and put a gig up that you can do in a reasonable amount of time for $5. Offer add ons that can easily be an up charge on your customers purchase to make a bit more money.

Babysit children on the weekends (or weekdays if SAHM). Put an ad out in your local moms groups, classified or social media profiles to babysit children. If you are a SAHM, you can offer services during the week day. If not, you may be able to offer evening or weekend babysitting that can help you to earn last minute vacation funds by taking care of kids while their parents are out on date nights.

Do online surveys and polls. There are literally hundreds of sites that offer payment in exchange for you completing surveys and polls. We recommend Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, Harris Poll Online and Inbox Dollars for quick and easy surveys, polls and tasks to make a little extra money on the side.

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Sell an eBook on Amazon. Are you good at writing fiction? Maybe you are an expert at training dogs, creating recipes or even doing at home projects. Write a short eBook on something you are an expert at, and sell it on Amazon for $.99-$2.99. Offer it in the Kindle Unlimited section and while the customer pays nothing for loading it to their Kindle, you will still earn up to $1.50 per download.

These easy ways to earn last minute vacation funds are sure to keep you busy and build your budget. Choose one or all of the above and start making some extra cash on the side. These are great ways to easily make upwards of $1000 in a short time to help you pay for lodging, gas, food or entertainment while on vacation.

  1. Jessica Harlow says

    These are all great suggestions to earn a little extra spending money for travels! I like to have a little bit extra as there is always something that we see or want to do on trips that we haven’t acccounted for!

  2. lisa says

    These are great tips for earning a little extra for vacation. Luckily for us, my husband can work overtime before our vacation but our kids have to earn their vacation money at home!

  3. Amber K says

    Great ideas. I’m always putting off vacation due to lack of funds.

  4. Elizabeth O. says

    These are awesome tips. The extra funds will help a lot.

  5. Bismah says

    Wonderful ideas on how to get some extra vacation money. I especially like the idea to have a yard sale as it is so quick and easy to set up and you get to clean up any clutter in the home prior to leaving for vacation.

  6. Lalia @ Found Frolicking says

    I’ve never heard of Fiverr. Sounds like an interesting resource, although the pay doesn’t sound that great! These are useful tips I’ll have to keep in mind. My family could certainly use a vacation but we haven’t even considered taking one this year due to finances.

  7. John Lopez says

    These are smart ideas!! I never thought that I can earn for the last minute vacation funds.

  8. Manu Kalia says

    Just what I need! I am really not good at saving, I would love to try this.

  9. LIsa RIos says

    All these are great tips to earn extra money for vacation. I always like to have some extra money in my pocket during vacation. But my husband does his best by working extra hours to sort it out & plan better. Thanks for sharing this tips.

  10. These are some great ideas. I’ve considered setting up something on fiverr, but havent tried yet. I do like to buy things from there.

  11. rocky says

    Great tips you have here… Thanks for sharing.

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