Upcycling Ideas: Coastal Beach Mini Bird Bath

Upcycling Ideas Coastal Beach Mini Bird Bath

I love wandering through the home goods aisle of my favorite stores, and often fall in love with enough cute things to fill several carts. But, those adorable odds-and-ends add up quickly. In an effort to save some money and still dress up the home, inside and out, I will recreate some of the sweet things or the popular themes I have seen at home. It’s a great way to upcycle items you might already have waiting to be given a new purpose. This Coastal Beach Mini Bird Bath is a great upcycling idea and incredibly easy to create.

Beachy and coastal style is my current obsession- I adore the soft muted colors and simple decoration. This project is so easy, a child could easily help make it. In fact, I had a little helper with the painting- that is how simple it is to put together.

Upcycling Ideas Coastal Beach Mini Bird Bath 3

Supplies Needed:

8” or larger terracotta pot and saucer
teal/turquoise acrylic paint
white acrylic paint
sisal rope
sea shells, sand dollars , etc..
sand paper
hi temp glue gun/sticks
sealant spray


1. Combine turquoise paint with a little white until your desired shade is reached, leave some of the white unmixed to create streaks and to give it a weathered look.

2. Flip pot upside down and paint sides and “bottom” of pot with a thick, smooth coat of paint.
Repeat with saucer.

3. Allow to dry for 20 minutes, add another coat of paint.

4. Dry for 2 hours, until completely dry.

5. Brush over edges and randomly across pot with sandpaper to remove some paint and age the pot and saucer.

6. Place a large dab of hot glue on back of pot, press end of rope into glue and hold for a minute till set, wrap around pot 2-3 times, adding hot glue as you go 2” at a time, secure end with glue.

7. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to raised part on overturned pot bottom, quickly center and press saucer onto pot.

8. Add details using small store bought shells or ones gathered from beach trips to make it more personal.

9. Spray with 2 or more coats of a clear sealent.

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