5 Healthy Food Swaps and Tricks to Eat Better and Help Lose Weight

5 Healthy Food Swaps and Tricks to Eat Better and Help Lose Weight

We all love food. It can be delicious, decadent, and bring people together. At my house, the kitchen seems to be the place to gather and connect. Eating with family and friends is a great way to bond or experience different cultures, but it can lead to some healthy issues. However, you can still make your cake and eat it too. Try these healthy food swaps and tricks to eat better and help lose weight.

They key with these tips is to know that simply eating smarter and healthier is only part of the change you might need to make for a healthier lifestyle. Permanent weight loss takes continued effort and lifestyle changes – not diets.

Diets have always baffled me. I’ve seen countless friends weep over a basket of breadsticks after giving up carbs or attempting live on juice for weeks on end. Unless you make these sacrifices or changes a permanent lifestyle – they won’t work and the weight will come back as soon as you reintroduce carbs back into your diet. Instead of sacrificing for months to temporarily shed a few pounds, put these easy tips and healthy swaps to work on a permanent level…

1. Swap Egg Yolks for Egg Whites – There are healthy nutrients in egg yolks, but they are packed with cholesterol and fat. You can easily swap out egg whites and get the same effect in your baked goods and most dishes. Obviously your Hollandaise Sauce needs those yolks, but baked goods – including cheesecakes – can be made without the entire egg. Use two egg whites in place of every whole egg in the recipe.If you simply can’t sacrifce the golden goodness in your morning eggs, allow yourself one gooey whole egg and make the meal filling by loading up on egg whites and turkey sausage.

2. Turkey VS. Ground Beef – The fat ratios and comparisons are everywhere. Rumors of cows been injected with hormones and the meat being treated with gobs of chemicals may or may not be true, but when cancer hit our family giving up red meat a priority. OUAM has covered the debate of turkey VS ground beef more in depth here at 10 Little Tips for Big Lifestyle Changes – Weight Loss, but the key is looking at the meat you are buying at the grocery. Flip the packages over and compare nutrition labels – always!

3. Burger Joint Swaps – It seems the burger, wonderful on its own, is getting makeover after makeover. Meat, bacon, cheese, fries, and even peanut butter are all being added to the BBQ staple. Avoid those fatty additions and stick with veggies, mushrooms, American cheese, and guacamole instead of bacon, mayo or blue cheese.

4. Slim Down Guacamole – Guacamole is an excellent substitution for mayo and or an amazing alternative for for creamy (fattening) dips. However, you can take it a step further and shave calories by using half avocado and half cooked zucchini in your own recipe. It will taste even better and shave an average of 100 calories!

5. Sneaky Vegetable Solutions – Picky eaters or those trying to make a meal stretch will love this tip…Grate up or shred some veggies like carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, or squash into your meaty dishes. You can sneaky squash into taco night or carrots into a meatloaf. It will be a thrifty way to make a meal stretch and get you to eat more veggies and less saturated fat packed meat!

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