Perfect Cup of True Irish Coffee Recipe

Perfect Cup of Real Irish Coffee Recipe - OUAM

St. Patrick’s Day will be here before you know it and Once Upon a Maritime has lots of sweet treats recipes like Sweet St. Patrick’s Day Party Treat – Lucky Charms Chex Mix and some St. Patty’s Marshmallow Pops for kid-friendly snacks. This perfect up of true Irish coffee is just for adults.

The drink is rumored to have been crafted in California, but it was actually invented by Joe Sheridan in 1942. He brewed up the idea at his restaurant at Foynes Airport, near today’s Shannon Airport to revive wearing travelers. It was then brought to the states by a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

A true cup of Irish coffee consists of: coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and soft whipped cream. You might find some recipes insist on using instant coffee, but properly brewed coffee is equally acceptable, preferred, and used in the original recipe. As far as the sugar goes, the original recipe used brown sugar, but other recipes use sugar cubes. The delicious cream is gently whipped and not sweetened. That means – don’t use Cool Whip. Beat some heavy cream or whipping cream until the texture begins to form soft peaks. A minute or two with a whisk or mixer will easily do the trick.

Perfect Cup of Real Irish Coffee Recipe How To

1. Using a coffee press, brew up a strong batch of your favorite un-flavored coffee.
2. Pour hot water from a kettle into your press over the grounds.
3. Let the mixture brew for 3-5 minutes and then press the plunger down.
4. Warm a glass – yes a glass – by filling it with some of the hot water from the kettle.
5. Discard the hot water and pour in the whiskey. (The amount of whiskey is really up to you and how strong you like your drink.)
6. Add one teaspoon of brown sugar.
7. Fill the glass with the hot, freshly brewed coffee, making sure to leave room for the cream. Mix to distribute sugar and whiskey.
8. Pour your whipped cream over the back of a spoon, filling the remaining space in the glass.

Do not be tempted to further mix the drink. It’s meant to be enjoyed by drinking the coffee and whiskey through the pillowy layer of cream. You might find some recipes top the drink with a cherry or crème de menthe, but the original, true recipe has no garnish. Frankly, it doesn’t need it!

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