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Wine Cork Heart Wreath – DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Decor


wine cork wreath

I love the natural color and texture of wine corks for crafts– the simplicity of them is perfect for a variety of projects and can fit easily within any season or holiday.

This Wine Cork Heart Wreath, a DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Decor, is a sweet and simple way to welcome home family or visitors. If you haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon a bunch of corks at a yard sale or thrift store they can be easily picked up on eBay or Amazon for a deal. I wanted to make mine a little less girly so I added some mustaches to the wreath, and some black washi tape to include the man of the house into it.

Wine Cork Heart Wreath - supplies 1

Supplies Needed:
wine corks
washi tape
2”-3” ribbon
plastic or metal mustaches
hot glue gun/stick

Wine Cork Heart Wreath - step 2


  1. Plug in glue gun and let it heat up all the way.You may also want to set up on paper or other surface you don’t mind getting messed up if hot glue drips.
  2. Lay out your corks to create and get an idea for the general shape and size of your heart. You will want the same number of corks for each side.
  3. Once you have your general shape begin picking them up one at a time apply a generous amount of hot glue down one side, press each one together, holding it for 30-60 seconds to allow glue to set before adding the next cork. I held mine pretty long-after rushing through the first few corks I was frustrated that they kept falling apart and realized it was because I was skimping on the glue and not letting it dry long enough.
  4. Maintain the curve of the heart shape. I had short corks and tall corks that I alternated to give some additional interest, also I glued the short corks on “upside down” so that the red wine coloration showed to add some color.
  5. Once you have assembled your entire heart shape wrap your washi tape around the outside center of your cork heart, attach it with a bit of hot glue every 3”-4” so it will hold up better.
  6. Glue on plastic or metal mustaches randomly.
  7. Tie on a pretty colored ribbon and hang your wreath.
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  1. Uplifting Families says

    This is super cute. I love the mustaches.

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