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Valentine’s Day Solutions When You Are Broke

You may be hoping to enjoy an extravagant Valentine’s Day outing with your sweetie, but if you’re broke you know that your plans will have to be adjusted. How can you have a special night with your lovely significant other when there isn’t any money to fund the venture? Check out these ideas for a great Valentine’s Day even when you’re broke.

Choose a Night In

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean going out. Choose to have a night in for a cheap, low-cost or no-cost Valentine’s Day date. Opt for a DVD rental (Redbox usually costs only $1, or check out a free DVD at your local library), a home cooked meal, and some snuggling on the couch.

You can turn a homemade meal into an event by lowering the lights, adding a fancy table cloth, a couple of candles, some soft music, and your best dishes. The total cost will be almost nothing.

Have an Ice Cream Date

A Valentine’s Day date doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to include expensive or extravagant activities. Skip the large meal which can be quite pricey and opt for an ice cream date instead. Dress up and go to a local ice cream shop then share a large sundae or other frozen treat.

Go for a Walk

Take a leisurely stroll together instead of planning a fancy night out. If the weather is chilly, bundle up and take a walk around a local park or hiking trail or go to a local mall for a trip around the mall. Spend the walking time talking and enjoying each other’s company. If you have a little bit of money, stop somewhere for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Take a Scenic Drive

If you have a little bit of money to cover gas, plan a scenic drive around your city or through a local national park or wildlife refuge. Turn off the cell phones and cut out the other distractions so you can just enjoy each other. Put on a CD of romantic music or just some favorite tunes and sing together, talk about your future and enjoy the scenery around you.

Skip Expensive Gifts

People get too caught up in fancy and expensive gifts for Valentine’s Day. When you’re broke, that just isn’t an option. Skip the expensive gifts and do something a little more special. Write a heartfelt note to your sweetie spelling out your feelings for them and your hopes and dreams for a future with them. This won’t cost anything and will mean much more than a dozen roses or a box of chocolates.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about spending money. It’s really about making sure your loved one knows how much you care — and that doesn’t need to cost anything at all. ​

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