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4 Things You Should NOT Buy BEFORE Christmas

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Black Friday Deals, Flash Sales, Deals of the Day, and the glitz of the holidays can be overwhelming. Retailers will lure you in with the promise of deep discounts with the hope of impulse purchases. There are some great discounts and price plunges, but these are 4 things you should NOT buy BEFORE Christmas

Electronics – Three words: Consumer Electronics Show. In January, just after you stood in line for hours for that brand new TV or tablet, manufacturers gather in Las Vegas to unveil their latest and greatest models of gadgets ranging from laptops to sound systems. That means, that sparkly new TV you just bought is now outdated. It may not too much of a hindrance for some, but the best deals on TVs tend to be Super Bowl season. You’ll get great discounts on the latest technology. (That is until next January!) For laptops, wait until Back-to-School season for price plummeting.

Christmas Decorations – While there were one or two seemingly “great deals” during the 2014 shopping season – Target hosted a 50% of Christmas Trees event – you can do even better after the holidays. They day after Christmas, you’ll see price slashes that will drop prices up to 90% off. The prices will drop as the days pass, so be patient for amply stocked items.

Clothing and Apparel – The end of Christmas marks the end of seasonal apparel. It’s very common to see department stores discount those warm and cozy knits and other winter clothing the day after Christmas. In face, the bulk of post-holiday sales are on clothing and apparel. This holds true for the big name retailers (i.e. Gap, Banana Republic, 6pm, Express, Calvin Klein, and New York & Co.) along with department stores like Macy’s and Saks.

Exercise Gear and Equipment – For the best deals on exercise equipment, wait until January. After the New Year, people try to uphold resolutions, and retailers want to cash in. Look for these sales to hit peaks in mid-late January and last into early February.

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