7 Simple Ways to Detox This Fall

7 Simple Ways to Detox This Fall

Summer ís over, the weather is changing and you are feeling left out in the cold! Wondering how to perk yourself up? Consider these 7 simple ways to detox and improve your life this Fall!

Water – You have probably heard or read this 1,000 times before, but the single best way to flush out the excesses of summer is to make sure and get plenty of water into your body. It ís great for detoxification, as well as keeping your skin hydrated in the fall and winter with indoor heat and the reduced moisture in the air.

Root Veggies/Fall Fruits – Root vegetables and fall fruits are great ways to get back into an eating routine that will keep you feeling full and happy. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are readily available in the fall and provide natural sweetness that can satisfy your sweet tooth. This is true even if you arenít using them in pumpkin bars or sweet potato pie!

Fibre – When considering your menu plans for fall, make sure that you are including plenty of fiber-rich foods. Fiber helps with elimination (gets things moving!) and elimination means detoxification! Beans, lentils, flaxseed or chia seeds, and whole wheat pasta are just a few ways to get your fiber boost.

Experiment with eliminating sugar, dairy or grains – While I wouldn’t recommend that you try eliminating all of these items from your diet at once (what fun would that be?), it can be good to see what the effects are on your body of getting rid of one of these items. Just being mindful of the amount of sugar that you are putting into your body, for example, can help you to choose healthier alternatives.

Find a new activity – With fallís lower temperatures and sometimes unpredictable weather, most people find themselves indoors more. Now is the time to revamp your exercise routine and try a new class at the gym, buy some new weights or give a differnt exercise video a whirl. As the weather permits, be sure to spend as much time as possible outside, soaking in the last rays of that beautiful sun.

Sleep – Summertime is more relaxed and you can get out of sync with sleep cycles. Reestablish a sleeping and waking cycle. This includes going to bed at a reasonable time, getting up at an established time and sticking to it. No more hitting snooze for an hour (groan!) while you talk yourself into getting up. You will wake refreshed because you went to bed at an appropriate time and have had plenty of rest time.

Deliberate Downtime – With falls’s busy schedule, it is easy to forget to take time for ourselves. Like everything else, down time is important. Whether you choose to meditate, do some devotions, or just take a little personal quiet time, schedule it in just like you would anything else.

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  • Good suggestions for getting your body and health back for the fall and winter season.

  • Fabulous tips! Fall is the time to detox and start boosting immunity in preparation for flu season!

  • Great tips! My husband and I are trying to get more root vegetables into our diet and we love them more and more each time we eat them.

  • Melodi Steinberg

    these are great tips! I definitely need to drink more water.

  • Great tips, I will need to add some of these to my gallon a day water routine. Always looking for healthy cleansing.

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