Reasons Everyone Should Grow a Windowsill Herb Garden

Reasons everyone should grow a windowsill herb gardenFresh herbs are a delight to the senses and jazz up any dish they adorn. Have you always wanted a cute little forest of cheery green herbs growing atop your kitchen countertop? Besides being decorative, an indoor herb garden is economical, beautiful, and a great talking point for your next dinner party.

What are you waiting for? In one quick trip to your gardening or big box store you can gather up all the things your green thumb needs in order to grow the perfect indoor herb garden. If you still need more inspiration, here a few good reasons why everyone should keep a windowsill herb garden in the house.

Planting an indoor herb garden is easy-peasy!

All you need to get started is a bag of soil and several baby plants. Decide whether you want to grow them in one large decorative pot, or in several individual containers. Need a few suggestions on which herbs to buy first? Parsley and mint are almost indestructible! The former will forgive you if you forget to water it, and mint can thrive in shade.

Growing your own greens saves a ton of green!

Those slender little see-through plastic containers of fresh herbs in the grocery store can cost upwards of five dollars, and chances are you’ll use them just once.

Free health benefits!

Live plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, acting as a natural air purifier. Plus, fresh herbs are a convenient, terrific no-calorie seasoning. You can’t say that about butter, can you?

Chemical free food!

Who knows what fertilizers and pesticides your produce is bathed in prior to you purchasing it? With your own herb garden you’ll never have to worry about harmful chemicals contaminating your food.

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The fresher the better!

If you’ve never used fresh herbs in your dishes, your palate is in for a radically different taste treat. No matter how flavorful the dried versions are, the taste and tang of fresh rosemary, dill, basil, etc., are on such an entirely different level that it’s unfair to compare the two.

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Who knew herbs could be a stress-buster?

Studies show that having indoor greenery to gaze upon can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve concentration. That’s asking a lot of a little old herb garden, but what the heck, it’s worth a try, right?

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  • Sarah Crowther

    What a fun little project! I miss having a garden, our yard is currently a mess! I’d like to get some indoor plants.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    I have an herb planter that I keep in my kitchen counter, just near the window so my plants can get loads of natural light. It does save me a lot of money because I can just pick the right amount I need. You can’t get any fresher than using herbs from your own planter. 🙂

  • Oh my how adorable and useful is this. SUPER adorable that’s what. Oddly enough I grow almost everything but herbs, I really must get on it. It’d be nice to have them growing all year around.

  • Marceline Dementori

    We used to grow herbs at home and now there’s no space for them at all. I’ve always wanted something like this but instead of a windowsill I am planning to create a wall that’s full of all the herbs we used to have at home. I hope I find the time for that.

  • Jhentea Guzman

    This is great, my grandmom loves to grow herbs at home, even in the bathroom and kitchens window!

  • RebelSweetHrt

    My grandmother loves gardening, and she has quite a handful of herbs growing here, too. 🙂

  • mail4rosey

    My granddaughter is growing them with her mama. 😉 I love to have the mint. I might grow one eventually here too.

  • Rose Ann Sales

    That’s great news! I’m happy to read this topic. Now I know that it’s important to have a gardening of herbs. I really appreciate all of these reasons.

  • We planted a family garden this spring and it’s been a wonderful investment. I didn’t even know about the stress-reliever part, but I definitely feel less stressed when I care for our garden.